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Beanstalk Studio Web Design & Local SEO

At Beanstalk Studio we help businesses to put themselves on the map, attracting local customers through beautiful website design and appearing for local Google searches.

Good design will wow your clients, but good strategy will get them on your site in the first place.

Local Visibility

People put their faith in the businesses which appear on Google Maps, studying their reviews, checking their website and comparing them to their competition. We help you to rank highly while looking after your online reputation so that your clients choose you.

Jack from Beanstalk Studio was fantastic with my business, they created the website and then made us appear for all local searches related to our service, such as builders in lightwater, home extensions in Twickenham, and so on. I can’t recommend their service enough.

Steve Mac

Sound interesting?

If you’d like more phone calls and emails from local clients then contact us to find out exactly what impact it will have on your business.

Design is an opportunity

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a page. How can we tell the story of your business?


A strong brand is fundamental to effective marketing; create a relationship with and gain the trust of your target client

Video Art

Video is taking over the internet; retain your users' attention with video marketing and stand out from the crowd

Web Design

Your website speaks for your business; transmit professionalism before asking people to call or visit you

Pushing technology for local businesses



We integrate with these platforms

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